What is Lifeblood?

Hello World,

Welcome to my blog, lifeblood yoga. What comes to mind when you see the word “lifeblood?” I’m not sure that when you see the word “lifeblood” you would think of yoga, the premise of this blog, but to me I do. I thought long and hard about what to call this blog…One afternoon I was going for a run and a song called “Empty Souls,” by the Manic Street Preachers, a UK band came on my iPod. “Empty Souls!?” I love the song, but I don’t like the name): Our souls are nothing but empty! Anyway… as I glanced down at my iPod to see the album name it read “Lifeblood.” It made me think. Things that we have in our lives that nourish us, that fulfill us, whether it be our family, our church, our sports, or our yoga…those are our LIFEBLOOD!  That was it.  Yoga IS my lifeblood as it has changed and impacted my life in so many ways. So check it out: According to Merriam Webster Dictionary Lifeblood is:

  1. The blood, as being necessary to life.
  2. The indispensable factor or influence that gives something its strength and vitality
  3. Yoga (well I added this in) (:

So to all my yogi peeps this holds true, right? I surely couldn’t live the same without yoga, could you? I mean, I could live, you could live but would you use the word vitality to describe your well-being?

So. Hi. My name is Andrea and I discovered yoga in college circa 2002 while studying in Washington DC. My first class was Bikram yoga and it completely suited my type A personality. The harder the workout the better. Right? I can sweat this much… in….a yoga class? Sign me up. And…it was right next to the tanning salon. How do you lose? Clearly, I was not on the yogic “path” so to speak; just looking to well…stay fit, and detox the previous nights libations.

I actually stuck with Bikram for awhile as a college student…with no understanding of what yoga was besides doing postures. I thought it was cool to tell people I did yoga in a 105 degree room. I liked the look on people’s faces when I said that. I was tough. Right? Honestly, what did I care? If you told me yoga consisted of 8 limbs, I would have thought you were talking about contorting 8 different body parts? But you know what? That was my yoga; and that worked for me at that time in my life. Now, at 31 years of age, with almost 10 marathons under my belt, a husband, and 2 dogs. I feel much more on “the path.” Yoga has brought such clarity to my life and how I see the world. It puts things into perspective for me. During my lifetime, I have coped with life’s problems in negative and toxic ways, but yoga has helped me make smarter choices. I thank god for sending me to my first yoga class.

I thank my teachers, April Martucci, Sondra Loring, Raghunath, Grace Tung, Elissa Lapostato, Kim Shand, Jeff Scios, MJ Turnbull, Carrie Parker, and my sister Allison Scaramelli for everything I have learned from you.

Please follow me on my journey…..yoga is my lifeblood. Make yoga your lifeblood.




2 thoughts on “What is Lifeblood?

  1. Andrea, I am so happy you have found such purpose and peace. It truly brought a tear to my eye to read your positive words. Good luck with this new journey.

    1. I love this!!! You are definatley on your way to developing a great following. When you open up your own studio I will be the first
      to sign up.

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