I came across this interview article this morning featuring NFL player Mike Adams, safety for the Indianapolis Colts. He makes many comments that are spot on with what I have heard when working with athletes. Many players are simply misinformed about what yoga is or what it can do for them. They have an image in their head thats its about being flexible as a prerequisite, or they have had an experience in college at a vigorous hot yoga class which was just way to stressful on their already stressed bodies and never returned. Athletes want to excel at all that they do; so it is hard for them to not want to be good at something. Once an athlete can give him or herself permission to not view yoga as their sport, then they will reap the benefits and enjoy a nice time out on their mat. Yes, yoga will undoubtedly increase an athletes flexibility, mobility, and core strength; but even more impactful to an athlete is the metal focus and clarity he or she will gain.



Yoga for Football

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