Compassion. Kindness. Sensitivity.

How can you practice being more open minded and less judgmental? We all get caught up in cycles of gossip and negative talk about others. It is so toxic. As a yoga student and teacher I have recently been thinking about this a lot. So many of us, including myself, are practicing and embracing yoga, coming to our mats every single day, to be with ourselves, to ideally learn about ourselves and how to become better people, less attached, less reactive. We come to practice to clear our minds and open our bodies, and in turn our hearts, yet why as soon as we roll up our mats do we engage in gossip, or criticize something, or someone, maybe on our way home, or simply in our own minds?  The worst criticism is criticism from a closed mind, done with no effort to understand someone or something. My teacher, would always tell us that the changing the mind practice is the real practice, and it take a lot of work. But that is the more important practice, more so than achieving certain asanas. If we don’t make an effort to change our mind and our actions for the better, but continue to practice yoga, continue to come to our mat everyday,  what is the purpose? Exercise and acrobatics? Handstand is super fun, having a beautifully  aligned Triangle pose is great, but being kind is much more amazing.


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