A Buddhist prayer for the well-being and happiness of all beings

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Metta Refuge

I recently came across this beautiful metta, or loving-kindness meditation by the dhamma teacher Venerable Visuddhàcàra  One could certainly call it a prayer, although in Buddhist prayer there is no appeal to a supreme being. Rather, it’s a deep and earnest aspiration and wish for happiness from one being’s heart to the hearts of all sentient beings:

May penetrating light dispel the darkness of ignorance.
May all kamma be resolved and the mind-flower
of wisdom bloom in Nibbàna’s eternal spring.

May all those who are afflicted be affliction-free.
May they be serene through all their ills.
Even if bodily afflictions do not subside,
may we all be healed in heart and mind.

May all beings live in peace and harmony.
May they have health and wealth and comforts and friends that are true.
May they have skills, talents, and knowledge
and sweet success in all that they do.


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