To Have Faith in What Will Be

mindfullness surrender

I’ve been meaning to post all day. Then the day took over. Here it is.

Ahhhh….Life is a roller coaster, isn’t it!!!  Highs and lows. Happy and sad. Good and bad. Tis is life, yes, and somedays we quite frankly–feel stuck!! We want to give up, throw in the towel and say “ENOUGH”! We have all be there…whether it be giving up on a person, a job, or life in general…”the I’ve had enough” dramatic feeling has taken over all over us.

Moving on, we all have heard the word surrender, and the concept of letting go, right? But what does that really mean? Its so vague! People hear the word surrender, and many times that equates to weakness….putting up the white flag, giving up. Yes, in a sense the word surrender does mean to “give up” but it’s much better to describe it as an act of letting go. And this act of letting go…. can be EXTREMELY beneficial (and often necessary, in so many contexts). So consider this crazy nutty idea: Surrender isn’t a sign of cowardice or weakness; it’s an act of courage. To surrender is to be courageous. Really? Yes!

If we can surrender, we are letting things be as they are. I have spent endless hours fighting, arguing and throwing tantrums over the years about “my life” and what I should be doing with my life, and why I am unhappy, questioning my career, and the direction my life should head in. There has been so much energy expelled, most negative!!! Can you relate? Many times our emotions get the best of us, but if we can catch ourselves when we are headed towards that downward spiral; if we can just stop and pause, breathe, and reassess the situation and approach things with a mature mind, a right mind,  we can begin to work towards surrender. If we can begin to surrender it means letting things be as they are. We will stop fighting with ourselves and others. We find that, when we finally stop and let our lives just be, we can enjoy what we have rather than always crave something more or something different. And the weirdest thing will start to happen. Things will seem to be OK.

Letting go of anything is scary, and thats why this concept is so hard. If we let go we are saying that we don’t always know best. You may need the help of others, and sometimes you will get help and sometimes, the people you relied on will not pull through. There is a great deal of vulnerability in all of this. But you try.

So….to keep is simple, when all else fails, try to have a little faith in life itself, that, given a little time, things will turn out ok. Have faith that although the journey may seem very slow, it is sure– that a happy, more relaxed life is being created for you. Smile.



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