Just Pause. No Rewind. No Fast Forward.

I was inspired to share a short post about something I was recently advised to do. Stopping & slowing down. I don’t know about you but sometimes life feels like its going by a mile a minute, and some miles feel exhilarating, and some feel like 10 miles of complete heaviness. But whatever speed you are traveling at, can you do yourself a favor, and the next time you are sitting down, or lying down in bed…can you JUST STOP?

Can you give yourself that SPACE that is created when you just STOP..so that you can clearly see what is in front of you? How can we move forward, and make clear decisions when we are all clogged up in the mind?

Can you:





Because, we are constantly, and I am so guilty myself, of creating this false storyline in our heads. We weave this story that is 90% false, we create false ideas and beliefs of what we think things are, how we think things should be, how our lives should be, what job we should have, how much money we should make what other people think of us, how we feel, what out limitations are, who we are, etc. etc….all of this surmounts to this massive illusion that is SO Powerful, that it fogs our vision, and makes everything we do in life, big or small, even our yoga practice…difficult, it makes decisions we may need to make in life harder. Things are not clear.

If we can STOP all of the above and give ourselves this well needed SPACE, where we can just BREATHE, where we can just do our yoga, our practice, or whatever else it is that brings you peace in life, then we allow ourselves to RECHARGE & RENEW, so that we can face whatever is IN FRONT OF US WITH MORE CLARITY, and STRENGTH…the perfect balance….STHIRA & SUKKA…

EASIER SAID THEN DONE, BUT IT’S ONE STEP AT A TIME..I’m right there with you (: Just some food for thought from me to you.stop thinking



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