“There comes a time when the bubble of ego is popped and you can’t get the ground back for an extended period of time. Those times, when you absolutely cannot get it back together, are the most rich and powerful times in our lives. “


Can you relate?

This blog post is inspired by a fellow yogi/friend/student, who shares Buddhist philosophy with me every time I see him. This quote is by Pema Chodron. The post was inspired by both.

This is so very true. When the ego is popped, we feel lost, confused, insecure, anxious, irritable, frustrated, sad and the biggest one of all–FEARFUL. It’s like truly horrible right. We all absolutely dread when this happens. Ugh. Call 911. Ego Panic!

We cannot wait for these feelings to pass and return to our inflated self. We want it to immediately go away. The problem is that by trying to get rid of this negativity, all this “bad stuff we feel” we are actually throwing away our chance to gain wisdom. Why? Because everything in us is creative energy, particularly negative and strong emotions. They are FILLED with LIFE. We never want to come to terms with these feelings and look into their core or their heart. Instead, we like to blame others, get mad at situations, mad at ourselves, or we just ignore and repress the feelings. In between, acting out (the getting mad) and holding back (the repression) there may be something AMAZING to be learned about ourselves. Feelings other than happiness are all part of being human and the whole human existence. They are what contribute our ultimate joy, but we need to be unafraid to delve into this unknown territory. Can we make friends with these feelings? Can we practice compassion and kindness to ourselves by examining and learning from these moments? When the ego is popped, let it put the fear aside and allow these time to be moments of clarity, wisdom, and learning.

Dogen Zen-ji said, “To know yourself is to forget yourself.”

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