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This is a must read article by Pema Chodron, I came across it yesterday on the Shambala Sun webpage, while getting my nails painted (: The article is called, “Waking Up To Your World.” After reading the first paragraph, I kept reading, and kept shaking my head, in agreement with everything she was writing. It is basically about how we all get so caught up in the content of your life, the minutiae that make up a day, so self-absorbed in the big project you have to do, that the blessings, the magic, the stillness, and the vastness escape us. We never emerge from our “cocoon” as she puts it, except for when there’s a noise that’s so loud you can’t help but notice it, or something shocks you, or captures your eye. Then for a moment you stick your head out and realize, Wow! Look at that sky! Look at that squirrel! Look at that person! Other than that, we are not fully awake. She suggests the simple practice of mindful meditation to change these habitual behaviors and patterns. I carved out time early am to try some of her techniques.

The article , “Waking Up To Your World,” opens with:

“One of my favorite subjects of contemplation is this question: “Since death is certain, but the time of death is uncertain, what is the most important thing?” You know you will die, but you really don’t know how long you have to wake up from the cocoon of your habitual patterns. You don’t know how much time you have left to fulfill the potential of your precious human birth. Given this, what is the most important thing?”…

Read on. Enjoy.Good-Morning-by-Frank-Wuestefeld1

Wake Up To Your World

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