As my morning yoga class started off their practice in child’s pose. I shared with them the quote, “Life begins when you get out of your comfort zone.” I wanted them to ponder this as the settled into their mats, and settled into their breath. Now, this does not mean that we do not experience quality of life doing regular routine things…because we certainly do. But what this is meant to mean is that when we decide to take a leap, and for example, take a new job, leave a job, fully commit yourself to a relationship, or end a relationship, it is inevitable that it will conjure up feelings of fear, doubt, anxiety, nervousness. Although, underneath these feelings we usually view as feelings we don’t want, there is excitement and curiosity. We all tend to over think our decisions when it comes to stepping out of our comfort zone; but once we do, it is these feelings ( the fear, the nervousness, the butterflies in our bellies) that make us FEEL ALIVE…life is about experience and pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones, but doing it with compassion and kindness.

I shared this today as a general lesson to my yoga class; but it simply can be applied to the practice of yoga. Most of us are nervous wrecks during our first yoga class…”Will I keep up?” “I’m not flexible enough.” We end up focusing on how good our teacher is and staring at the advanced practitioners in the class, psyching ourselves out. Those who come back for more classes, usually hesitate to try a new pose, or to take a pose deeper ( even though in there heads they are ready) but they overthink it and hold back. We need come to our mat and accept ourselves and our flaws and accept that we were all once beginners and that we are constantly learning and growing. Once we step out of our comfort zone, and try a crow pose, or any new pose that seems scary, yes, we will be nervous, shy, and we will probably fall; but we try again. Once we succeed we are elated and we come back to our mats for the next challenge and the next posture which will conjure up feelings of fear again; feelings of life. Just as in life, in yoga, we are constantly being challenged and by stepping our of our comfort zones, life begins and we are humbled.


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