Last night I was reminded about the importance of female friendships. A bunch of the girls in my Fire Dragon Yoga teacher training decided to spend some QT time together OUTSIDE of the yoga studio.

We gathered at lovely Liz’s gorgeous apartment for a couple drinks before dinner. We talked so much, and were having such a great time we had to push our dinner reservations back 3 times! We shared some major laughs, took pictures (of course), talked yoga and Pema Chodron. Say WHAT? Yes, Pema Chodron. Author and Buddhist Monk. It’s a yogi thing. But she writes good books that everyone reading this can enjoy. After dinner we returned back to Liz’s apartment to…you guessed it–talk more and continue our little party.

Thus, I was totally wiped out today and my jaw still hurts from talking. I didn’t accomplish much on this rainy day BUT– I did some thinking on the topic of friendships.

Last night, I felt like I did something good for my soul. It felt nourishing…or was that the Pad Thai? But THAT– is what time with friends can do. It can give you that post yoga class feeling (; A feeling of fulfillment. A feeling of peace.

So…back to my thoughts..

Quite often our friends become a family of our own choosing. Our friends struggles, and successes become our struggles and successes. We share in their experiences and stay by them. I beleive there is something so special about female friendships. Yes, they are filled with drama–BUT so is life. Females have innate connections with one another, that are passionate and full of soul. In a fast 3.5 months, I have developed friendships with ladies that I feel I have known for a long time; people who I am am comfortable around and happy to spend time with. I am blessed these ladies came into my life.

It is not about quantity, but quality.

I have gotten to a place in my life in which all of my friends, old and new, are EXACTLY who should be part of my life. EACH and everyone of you add something unique and special. Real friends don’t give you permission, but WANT nothing more than for you to be your silly self, your depressed self, your bitchy self, your drunk self–WHY? Because that is who you are. They could be friends with someone else if they don’t appreciate you and all your colorful layers.

BUT–there is one very important piece here that I am leaving out. We need to continue to develop an unconditional friendship with ourselves ( a lesson I learned from that Pema lady mentioned earlier) Although, common sense, this is not easy and frankly, it’s kinda scary. It means getting to know ourselves and keeping our heart open when what you see in yourself is perhaps embarrassing, unpleasant or hurtful. Its sticking with yourself when you want to shut down. If we can stick with our friends when times are tough, we must try our hardest to do the same with ourselves.

Now go call a girlfriend or send a silly text before you go to bed, or work tomorrow morning. You can never regret time spent with a good friend(s).



Dinner @ Room Service. Great time. We wanted a circular table so we could talk more. LOL
Late night rooftop yoga and chanting. Asato ma sat Gamaya (;


  1. Great post!

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