Ah yes my friends, it’s raining cats and dogs here in NJ. Hurricane Andrea is slowly creeping in on us. I am sorry, I feel slightly responsible for this one (; BUT–As optimistic as I try to be, this well just plain SUCKS!

No one likes a rainy day, especially a rainy Friday! How many of you had a commute time that doubled? Dinner plans made earlier in the week with friends–were probably, well… postponed. And that evening run, yoga class, or trip to the supermarket–will most likely be put on hold until tomorrow. Should I stop at the liquor store? Nah. I’ll have one of the random craft beers left at the back of my fridge that I bought a month ago, that well…looked good at the time. Hey, who wouldn’t buy watermelon beer? Right? Well, never again, but tonight it will suffice.

As with anything in life, we learn how much we can stand. At the very least– we learn to stand the rain. BUT– will we ever be able to embrace the rain? Kiss the rain?

Rain makes things grow.

Rain provides for a free car wash.

Rain makes rainbows ( need sun too…but you get the point!, it deserves appreciation)

Namaste, and just for tonight, KISS THE RAIN!


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